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I realised when putting this new site together that I've written more stuff than I thought. Writing is so often predicated on the validation of A BOOK it can be easy to unsee the other stuff. I've written most things: fiction, short & flash, poetry, experimental nonfiction, stand up comedy, a play & words to accompany images & sounds & vice versa. I've tried to remember & link to most things available online & have put together a list of print only publications. See drop down menu for both.


I have a pamphlet of images & words forthcoming with gorse, an Irish journal of experimental art & literature. 

I also have 3 chapters forthcoming in Manchester: Something Rich and Strange, a collection of writing on architecture, the imagination & history to be published by Manchester University Press in 2020.

I'm continuing to evolve my experimental nonfiction work of linked sequences of abstraction, The Absolution of Shyness & you can read some versions of sections of it here or via print publications. Or by asking me. I really like to read my words, ask me to do that too please.

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