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Phil Mitchell's Face is Not the Moon

I recorded this piece alone, in the dark, in Epping Forest, London on May 16th, 2019, for the one off The Dark Outside 24 hour broadcasting event as part of the People's Forest strand (brilliantly curated by Kirsteen McNish and Luke Turner) of the first ever London Borough of Culture celebrations in Waltham Forest. It was broadcast on Thursday 20th June from the Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest on a special frequency, and only those in the vicinity with radios tuned in could hear it. The Dark Outside has it's home in Galloway Forest as part of Sanctuary Lab - both very special things.

I made the words up for this on the spot which, despite being assaulted by hay fever and a bit scared in the dark, was great fun and I would definitely like to do that again. Although it was fun and I like to think a bit funny, I am also making some serious points in it...

Listen here

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