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Pieced Work: Textile Message

Clare Archibald in mustard hat.jpg

Australian writer, academic and artist Clare Carlin asked me to contribute to her Pieced Work project. This quote from Clare explains the aim:

"The thinking at Pieced Work is as the name suggests: a textile approach to writing reminiscent of Dubravka Ugrešić’s patchwork method in which she places 'things next to other things' as a way of making a book: to Ugrešić these things 'talk and enrich each other.' Olga Tokarczuk’s translator, the writer Jennifer Croft, says Tokarczuk calls her novel Flights a constellation novel, 'which partly means she brings lots of different ideas and stories and voices into relationship with one another via the lines the reader draws between them.' Donna Haraway might call these things attachment sites. Or there's Svetlana Alexievich's polyphonic approach: her books are works in which many voices tell the story."

I found it really interesting to think through textiles such as my mustard hat and answer the questions. You can read my answers here

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