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A  52 page limited edition zine plus 4 pages of full image inner and outer covers, an opening essay and original photography, pastel drawings and mixed media images and autofictive text by Clare Archibald. The zine is a blurring of the real and imagined in relation to the great singer/ songwriter/musician Bill Callahan,  and the interactions of place, memory and music. It is a tongue in cheek look at the actual and potential resonances of those who create work for the public domain and how we weave music, personas and their mingling, real or otherwise into our day to day perceptions of place. It is also an image based exploration of what of the private we make public, in what form and why, and of what it is to observe and to name. On his travels through Fife and other parts of Scotland, Bill hangs out with people he meets along the way including Bonnie Prince Billy, Julian Cope, Ian McCulloch, Angel Olsen, Lankum and lots more, ending up in some unexpected and dare I say banal situations. I like the word banal mind you.


All 100 copies will be signed and numbered (with an additional unique, original image for those orders placed before 28/4/23). 

Now UK shipping only -  sent 48 hours tracked. Contact me with any international shipping request

Most images are available as individual giclee prints - contact me for details.

 A special Monorail edition is available that comes with a unique original drawing of their iconic tote is available here 


Thanks to Bill Callahan, Drag City and others for giving the zine their blessing 


PS if you are my friend then feel free to go into PayPal and choose that payment option or contact me directly 


The zine is a layer of my nonfiction project The Absolution of Shyness, a decade long exploration of articulation, time, what of the private we make public and why, points of life and death and the mind and body in relation to expected neonatal death, autodidactic learning and archive of the self.  Through the lens of expected neonatal death and it's articulation, I explore the intersections of writing and other art forms and my own development in relation to the Writer's Art (my term). The zine is a more lighthearted exploration of private and public truths and creative persona, playing with ideas of what is the truth and how do we tell it when fact and fiction, place, sound and vision and the real and imagined are intermeshed. It is a telling of what music and art can mean in different moments and has since been acquisitioned by the Wellcome Museum in London as part of their collection



Above detail of image copyright Clare Archibald 2023

Those Times Bill Callahan Came to Fife and Hung Out In Scotland

SKU: VOUDzine001BC
  • It looks as it should, I was right...This ended up being 52 A4 pages saddle stitch on silk 200msg paper with silk 250 msg cover with gloss lamination and has variously been described as "a work of genius" "mind blowing" and "completely bonkers but brilliant"

    Full specifications and actual zine images will be available shortly but it's going to look very as it should trust me. 


  • Thanks for jumping into what cannot be easily described

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