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Merz Barn Wall

I saw Kurt Schwitter's Merz Barn Wall when I was recently in Newcastle to see the Wilhelmina Barns- Graham exhibition at the Hatton Gallery and Stewart Lee in conversation with Neil Jackson of Post-Nearly Press at the Live Theatre. This is not what this post is about but it also is.

I have two forthcoming work happenings with Chroma Editions . The first, due to be published in September, is some mixed media work in Vigilantia: what happens when artists and writers pay attention to Mogwai

My erstwhile collaborator Brian McHenry has been working on the cover art which will look something like this which I love. There is a brilliant range of people involved in the book with all profits going to Mogwai's nominated charity of Refuweegee. There will be a Glasgow launch and possibly some other happenings.

Secondly I will have some assemblage, sound, film and photographic work in this exhibition at the Cross Lanes Gallery in Kendal which is being curated by David Banning of Chroma Editions

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