© 2019 created by Clare Archibald

I'm a Scottish writer & poet living on the Fife coast, across the water from Edinburgh. I like to try stuff out & to learn by just following my interests. My writing practice incorporates stills & moving images,sounds, & most recently ecoacoustics & trying to play instruments. It is generally hybrid in form & probably personal in content. I have no great plan. I had my first fiction piece published, at 43, in a sold on the street zine created by an ex West Ham football casual, have been chosen to read at the prestigious Edinburgh International Book Festival's Storyshop for emerging writers, been long-listed in an international experimental nonfiction prize run by the Lifted Brow & judged by Dodie Bellamy, Kate Zambreno & Helen MacDonald, had pieces in art exhibitions in England & Ireland, the 1st ever photo essay in The Stinging Fly, & have written & performed stand up comedy. Breathe or punctuate. I like feelings, car parks, caravans, concrete, trees, dogs, lichen, ferns, the sea, blur of random & other people's windows; yet am disdainful of tropes. 


I believe in nuance even though I don't like the word.

I'm still finishing stuff. This is not a shop window.

I also founded & curate Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness project

All words & images are copyright to me unless otherwise stated. If you steal them when you could just ask or acknowledge then   it's highly likely that you have no soul, or self respect.


Ideas of place, the forgotten, the disarray of unknown

Ideas & interactions of movement & expression, can you hear the interim

Ideas of inside and out, in patterns of embed